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Trade Wars 2002

Trade Wars 2002 is the extremely popular BBS doorgame from the late-80's to mid-90's of stellar exploration, trading, and domination. TW2002 was a precursor to many of the popular massively multi-player online games of today. This file archive contains downloadable 3rd party mods tested up to TW2002 v2.0 Beta 5 as well as terminal software, scripts, and guides.

Operation: Overkill II

Operation: Overkill II is the original wasteland BBS on-line doorgame! Operation: Overkill, allows your users to battle against the evil and vile Hydrites in preventing them from conquering the planet. These pages contain a file archive of the game, terminals, and add-ons. You can also find tips from the OKILLERS FidoNet discussion board about the Oracle, Nukem, and ANSI art from the game.