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Ben Ziskind's Professional Career

I work in the Product Management group at Rovi managing cloud and web service technologies.

I run product management for Rovi Cloud Services (RCS) account and device Management Services. This includes a wide range of APIs and technologies (OAuth, JSON, REST, SOAP) used to support Rovi's user profiles, device management, account management (linking and single sign-on), and remote DVR and remote tuning functionality across the organization. We deliver the web service APIs and cloud services which enable users to discover and consume digital media across the web, via computer, mobile, tablet, set-top boxes, and consumer electronic devices - both for MSOs (cable & satellite TV operators) and OTT (over-the-top) platforms. In this role, I work with internal Rovi teams, content owners, and external customers building exciting new digital media applications.

I joined Rovi through the acquisition of Sonic Solutions in February 2011, which had acquired DivX in October 2010.

Previously, my team managed web technologies and services in the Rovi Media Solutions group which included DivX Protected Content, Digital Rights Management (DRM), DivX Plus Streaming, and Rovi Media Recognition (audio fingerprinting). This role involved work with major studios, online retailers, software developers, and consumer electronics manufacturers. Major product initiatives included web services to support the launch of DivX Plus Streaming, Rovi Digital Copy Solution ( "Disc2Digital" UltraViolet solution ), three major version releases of DivX DRM web services platform, integration of DivX technology into the Rovi Entertainment Store platform (RES).

Prior to that, I managed consumer web services at DivX developing product strategy and roadmaps for social web video initiatives and the DivX Web Player.

Before joining DivX in 2008, I've been primarily a technology entrepreneur, having founded two startups and worked at a number of others:

I have also provided expertise in usability and product management to Fortune 100 companies including a CRM/SFA platform (customer relationship management / sales-force automation) for Time Warner Cable Road Runner, and adding social networking functionality and applications to a Motorola handset targeted at the teen market.

I double-majored in Information & Decision Systems and Human-Computer Interaction and Carnegie Mellon University where I focused on software usability, databases, and web-based applications. I currently attend USC Marshall School of Business where I am working on an Executive MBA with an expected graduation in 2013.

I started out life as a software engineer designing and developing web-based applications running the gamut from eCommerce, shopping carts, threaded discussion software, mailing list systems, content publishing tools, grant applications, and consumer web sites.

From a technology perspective I have extensive expertise in content ingestion (video, audio), content aggregation (web crawlers, metadata), social networking (Facebook applications, mobile applications, viral distribution), localization and multilingual software (designing, deploying, managing), mobile (text messaging, premium SMS billing, J2ME, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile), and real-time communication (instant messaging, SMS) and I also know my way around a SQL database.

More About Ben Ziskind

You can find out more about my career on my LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to contact me about opportunities in product management and software usability.