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Reflections On My Retirement

by Jerry Ziskind - 2002

The year after I retired from full time teaching my sister began to talk about retiring. I thought it would be useful for her if I put in writing some of the things I had learned about retirement. So I wrote "What I Learned in the First Year of Retirement". Whenever I got into a discussion about retirement with a friend I would suggest they read my article. My son Ben posted it on his web site Ziskind.com.

I then decided to write another article about my thoughts and feelings about retirement at the end of my second year of retirement. I wrote this article without rereading the first article. I plan to continue this process in the foreseeable future until I feel I have nothing useful to say.

Retirement: Year One
Retirement: Year Two
Retirement: Year Three

I hope reading about my experiences can be helpful to others. I would appreciate hearing if your experiences are similar or different from mine.