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Harnessing the Internet to Deliver a True One to One Web Experience

By Ben Ziskind
February 24, 1999

Executive Summary

The ability to develop one-to-one relationships with each user on a website is one of the major advantages of the Internet over traditional media delivery methods. Most currently implemented technologies do only a rudimentary job of personalizing each user's site visit. Until personalization can be accomplished with a minimal burden on the user it can not truly be an effective and feasible method for implementing one-to-one relationships.

Companies can see many benefits from investing in personalization technology for their websites. In addition to allowing for better-targeted advertising, users are far more likely to return to sites that consistently provide them with the content they want. On the Internet, building and keeping relationships between the user and the service is incredibly important because it is so easy for the user to switch to a competitor.

This document discusses one method for implementing a personalization system between multiple websites It also discusses benefits of using personalization systems, as well as some of the potential consequences, including privacy concerns often associated with user profiling technologies.

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